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Music by: James N Murray

Video by: James N Murray

Chicago's James N Murray returns to Jacktone with his 2nd album in as many years. The perfect follow-up to the evocative soundtrack, "À Vancouver", Murray wastes no time setting the mood on "City of the Night," - via manipulated and effected field recordings, warm synths and perfectly-punctuated percussion. Notes from the artist: "City of the Night" sets out to explore geographies that have largely faded from sight and mind. Places once populated largely by men, seeking sexual or social contact with other men, located at the peripheries of social and physical space and more often than not, shrouded in the darkness of night and hidden from the eyes of society at large. The music found on "City of the Night" creates a soundscape for this world, crumbling away by the time I entered my early 20s, largely lost to the digital realm and lingering impact of the AIDS crisis. "City of the Night" creates a bridge between my own world and those found in the work of John Rechy’s seminal queer text, "City of Night", originally published in 1963, a novel that follows a hustler on his journey through the cities of El Paso, New York, Chicago, New Orleans and Los Angeles, intertwining our narratives in order to create a fictional landscape for the music. "City of the Night" was created using field recordings, samples, hardware and software over the course of several months in my home studio. Tracklist: A1 City You Have Never Seen A2 City of the Neon A3 City of the Comedown A4 City of the Male Hustler B1 City of the Horn B2 City of the Habit B3 City of the Score B4 City of Loss Mastering: João Melo Design: Darren Cutlip

Dread, the first track from Dread Voyage's, The Dread Voyage album, on Further Records.

Music & Video by Dread Voyage (James N Murray)

Title track of Gunnar Haslam's Bera Range EP, on Argot.

Video by James Murray:

Music by: Tr One

Directed by: James N Murray

Side A from The Black Madonna's "Lady of Sorrows EP," on Argot.

Video by James Murray

B2 from Elizabeth Merrick-Jefferson's Urban Off Road EP for Argot

Video by James Murray

Juju & Jordash, Dr. Strangepork

Directed & Edited by: James Murray

Techno Primitivism LP, Dekmantel, September 2012