Electrical Performances, 2008: Compilation Mix

Modulated electrical current, durational performance, Single-channel HD video projection, (75 minutes), 2008

Part of a still ongoing body of work, Electrical Performances, 2008: Compilation Mix, is a single channel, endurance based performance for video. Using dance music which specifically calls out the demand for the body to move to the music via the lyrical content, the artist’s body is used to test the relationship between the emancipatory language and history of dance music with that found within queer BDSM communities. The lyrics to fifteen songs appear sequentially at the bottom of the screen, subtitling music that can not actually be heard in the final work but which is being experienced by the artist. The music cited here has been transformed from auditory signal to electrical signal. The work is displayed as a projection with accompanying wall text with the full musical track list of the performance.