The Awakening: A (re)Performance

One- or four-channel, HD Video, (12 hours), 2012

The Awakening: A (re)Performance is a twelve hour, four channel flagging dance created using a strobe light, documented with a single video camera, and recorded for playback within the gallery. The Awakening: A (re)Performance seeks to understand the roles that music and the dance floor played during the AIDS crisis. The music score used for the performance was collected through a series of open calls and direct requests to the public. The performance documentation is broken into four side-by-side vertical videos, each playing a three hour loop of the original performance. These loops represent different phases of a typical party, from an early evening warm-up set, to the peak-hours high energy sound that would set the night into motion. The final three hours of the performance, following a period of musical “darkness,” represent the dance floor brought into light as it traditionally would be during the final hours of a party.