Drawing for The Thief’s Journal, Jean Genet : The Portraits

 Graphite on Paper, 50x28 inches, 2008

Part of a larger series of drawings, this work takes the novels of Jean Genet and re-imagines his narratives of criminality and queer desire by transforming Genet's writing into text based drawings. These drawings use a number of current and out-dated code languages that predate in some instances and are, in other instances, specifically the result of the Internet and digital technologies. By employing chat/forum slang, BDSM terminology, hanky code and bear code as starting points, this series of drawings function as translations for Jean Genet's seminal novels, The Thief's Journal and Funeral Rites. These drawings explore the ways in which desire is constructed through language in queer culture as well as the traces left behind by bodies upon the surfaces of the paper.