Wax Ceremonies

Photograph, 33 x 18.5 inches, 2017

This work, with allusions to Robert Mapplethorpe’s, Jim, Sausalito, (1977), explores the experience of losing sight for the subject. Two images, one a bust image, the other a close-up of wax embedded with hair, sit beside one another in the finished work. This work was made through a process of melting and pouring hot paraffin wax over the course of several hours. The wax slowly building into a hood, obscuring sight and features. The second image, the close up wax, was created by taking the several pounds of wax used in the process and remelting it, allowing the hair and other materials trapped from the original shoot. In order for the work to succeed the artist was required to release control over the situation, to place trust in another to both execute and produce the final images.